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La Cambalacha is a cultural project that operates as a permanent creativity workshop for the:

    • Instruction, exhibition, production and exchange of the different forms of creative expression.
    • Artistic initiation and formation of children and youth through arts sensitisation and creativity classes.
    • Motivation of participants to experiment and learn, and to share their talents with their communities.


La Cambalacha was founded in 2002 by Gabriela Cordón, a native Guatemalan dancer and choreographer.

With the help of hundreds of volunteers from around the world, La Cambalacha has reached thousands of children, and trained several generations of Youth Leaders.

Programs are now coordinated by local Youth Leaders who have grown up in the project.


Volunteer   Workshops

La Cambalacha dedicates itself to supporting and facilitating artistic sensitization, learning, exchange, formation and production with the children and youth of rural communities. We are validating and practicing art as a life alternative and professional option.

We believe that everyone has the right to experience and benefit from artistic expression as a universal tool for individual and collective development on social, psychological, physiological and spiritual levels.

    • Artistic Education and Recreation – more workshops and classes in the creative arts
    • Self-sustainability - development of small businesses: theatre companies, music production and distribution, educational retreats, and an arts café to host cultural events
    • Friends Program - for long-term donors committed to the growth of the project
    • Volunteer Work, Study and Exchange Programs – to further research and systematize our methodology and so facilitate its dissemination to similar projects and communities

    Participative and Experiential – Flexible & Adaptable – Non-Imposing – Analytical – Evolving

    Our goal as workshop facilitators is to provide new artistic references and share the techniques that we know. An essential part of our work is to respect and include the customs, traditions, culture and worldview of our participants. Our role is to guide creative processes and help participants to recognize themselves as creators and leaders. By learning to express themselves constructively and recreationally, the participants develop their understanding of the world, raise their self-esteem, and cultivate respect for each other. They also develop new skills that they are using to earn a living.


     We are proving that our methodology works, and we want to share it with other communities. 


    This apprenticeship contributes to the empowerment of the community, stimulating the expression of ideas and feelings, and helping tear down the walls of silence, fear, violence and repression to which Guatemala has been exposed for centuries.

    Our team of local and international artists and facilitators give art workshops in schools, public spaces and at La Cambalacha’s studio and workshops. Facilitators guide participants through creative processes to channel their individual and collective energy towards confidence-building, social integration and artistic formation.